Job Vacancy for 2x Waitress

Are you currently unemployed? Are you a student looking to earn extra cash? Or are you already working and finding your day job less exciting or simply not enough to pay the bills? Put on The Smiths right now, because if you’re looking for a job you’ve just found a job! And we guarantee you won’t be miserable now, because our trendy bar/cafe is looking for two waitresses to work full-time or part-time as a member of our crew.

We have a relatively small staff of five but our increasing popularity has brought the demand for seven, and that’s why we need two waitstaff to get stuff done. If you’ve had previous experience, that will of course be preferable and excellent. But our laid-back vibe is also a great place to get started and learn a thing or two about customer service. We are in a great location serving amazing desserts all day long. If you have a great work ethic, enjoy helping customers, have a sweet tooth, know how to think on your feet and love The Smiths (because it’s all we play down here, seriously) then don’t hesitate to send in a resume! Ability to handle cashiering and serve/make coffee is a major plus as you’ll be on call to take over from other staff members. We need one part-time and one full-time person. Experience not required, but you’ll have to be a fast learner.

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