Thank god for locksmiths

Coming to work today was a drama. Why? We freakin’ got locked out! How the hell did it happened? I don’t know who’s fault it is. Well, I think I know the last person at the cafe.. but I don’t think this is the place to name names if you know what I mean. Getting locked out when you first come in to work, with sooo many things to do can be a little daunting to say the least. But at the same time, it has taught me to be grateful of other professionals who are good at what they do. In this example, I know how to serve food to my customers, but I sure don’t know how to pick a lock! This is where locksmiths comes in the picture. Some might say they charge too much, but let me tell you.. if you were in my situation, you’d probably pay any amount in an emergency like this.

Here’s a quick chronology of what happened, well to the best of my memory! Which sometime can fail me.

1) Arrive work at 6am – discovered the front door is locked and I don’t have the keys.

2) Using my phone, I am desperately searching for a locksmith to call

3) After about 10mins or so, after calling a couple of locksmiths nearby. I decided to go with Power Locksmiths

4) Around 6.40am – locksmith arrives

5) 6.55am: Door is finally unlocked by the awesome locksmith!

6) 7am is work as usual.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad. Lost about an hour, but it could of been a lot worse in my opinion. If it wasn’t for the awesome skills of Clint (the locksmith), it could of been a lot later. The way he approached his work I had no doubt that it would only take himĀ  couple of minutes. He sure is an expert at what he does.

The whole thing costed me about $140. But if you asked me.. calling out the locksmith was worth every cent! Moral of the story: appreciate what other professionals bring on the table. You may never know when you might need their help!

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