Our special of the month: fish and chips

This month we are welcoming the new year with our special fish and chips dish, cooked and served the way only we can do it! For over twenty-five years. our fish and chips have been a bestseller with its own unique recipe and additional dip, becoming a customer favourite and must-try for anyone visiting the area for the first time. This is the dish that started it all, when our bar/cafe was not yet the well-known establishment that it is now, but just a tiny eatery located on the corner street. We have since expanded into a popular restaurant serving breakfast, sandwiches, and of course coffee! And while many customers have enjoyed our other dishes, one thing that draws newcomers and brings customers back is, of course, the fish and chips.

There are a lot of places serving fish and chips all over the state, but nobody does it quite like we do! Our dip and batter are unique in taste and texture.We’ve perfected the flavour and ratio of fish-to-chips to almost an art. Ive stand out, and food critics and customers all over can attest to that! So this month, we’re honouring the past twenty-five years by taking 20% off on our most popular meal! If you haven’t tried it, now is your chance; and if you’ve had it and liked it, now is the best time for another round! We’re serving it all day from the month of January with a drink of your choice and the option of a group meal (15% off) so you can share the goodness with your friends and family.

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