Hiring the removalists to help ship our big oven

As much as we are excited to move to our new bar and cafe in the suburb, we are also a bit sad to leave our old cafe in the city which has been our home for almost nine wonderful years. Coffee shops have gained ground so fast around our area that it slowly affected our business.

A couple of cafes down the road have sprung last year and another one in the next block will open this week. While we have customers who remained loyal to us, we couldn’t deny the fact that we were also losing more customers. So we decided to pack our bags and move closer to nature, where life is more simple and the cost of living is just right.

Last Friday, we had a tearful yet sweet goodbye to our customers and our coffee shop. “The Meerkats” played some songs and my husband and I got to sing Green Day’s “Good Riddance” to the delight of many. There were warm speeches made by some of our frequent customers and our staff. Many handed us goodbye gifts, most of which will be our memorabilia, and which we can use for display in our new bar and cafe. As a thank you to our loyal card holders, we gave away free coffee mugs which has our logo on one side and the words: C’est La Vie on the other. Our daughters did a fantastic job in designing the mugs and in organizing a short but sweet program for our last night at our cafe.

How big is this oven? Check it out below… (told ya!)

Today, we are hiring removalists to help ship our big oven to our new place. I always thought hiring removalists was easy-peasy but boy, was I so wrong. There were many things to consider like: checking for proper accreditation, how much does it cost per hour, what are factored in the hourly cost, how long will the move take, and what insurance policies do they have in case of loss or damage.

Basically we simply chose a removalists by googling removalists perth.

Here’s the lowdown on how I chose the removalists for the job… to be honest, I’m pretty much straightforward a when it comes to services. I’m in the service business and I do business honestly and responsibly so I expect others to do the same. I don’t have the patience to go through the nitty-gritty of checking out the policy, its terms and conditions, and checking for hidden costs. I don’t have the patience to go through customer review websites just to compare which is a reputable removalist company. So I just called friends and my mother-in-law who recently moved¬† homes to recommend a good , reputable and affordable removalist. After so many phone calls,¬† calculating and comparing services and costs to move our furniture, (most especially our big oven), we are currently deciding between two good companies who have met our standards.

The people we have spoken to from both companies have told us that they loved our cafe and were sad when they learned that we were moving, some even said we’re better than Dome! Both have mentioned their favorite coffee drink, and one even mentioned that he used to have a huge crush on one of our baristas, Jacqui. I jokingly told him that Jacqui is single and is currently looking for a job to which he laughed and thanked me for the tip.

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