Tattoo Bali expert turned chef

One main thing that makes our customer keep coming back to us is our food and service. What’s our secret? It’s a no brainer… we employ one of the best chefs around. Today we wanted to introduce you to our head chef Mike Goolahan. We know he can cook, hence why we employed him. But today we wanted to share something that many wouldn’t know about. What is it? Well… many people wouldn’t know that Mike used to work for a well known tattoo studio in Bali. The tattoo Bali studio is very popular amongst the local but also for foreigners, in particular Australians on holidays there.

So what made Mike changed career from being a tattoo artist to a well established chef here at Waterside Bar and Cafe? To make sense of his decision, we decided to interview him and these are his answers to our questions:

Q: How many years did you do tattoo for?

A: 12 years

Q: How many years did you work in Bali for?

A: Believe it or not, the tattoo studio that I worked for before becoming a chef; was the only tattoo studio I have ever worked for. Therefore the answer to this question is 12 years!

Q: Why did you decide to change career?

A: When I was a tattoo artist in Bali, I mainly did it because I wanted to work in Bali. A friend worked there and I decided to give it a shot. I’ve always been good at art. So learning to being a tattoo artist was a natural move. After being taught for about a year, I was introduced to the manager there and before you know it, I was working full time. I fell in love with the place. My decision to change career, again, was because of wanting to work in a particular place. This time it was Perth, Western Australia. So here I am working for Waterside Bar and Cafe!

Q: How did you learn cooking?

A: At home, I’ve always cooked. It was sort of a hobby for me. When friends visited, I loved to show off my culinary skills. And the compliments I get for my cooking, further encouraged me to take this up seriously. And again, here I am working for Waterside Bar and Cafe.

So after interviewing our now head chef Mike Goolahan, we understood his decision to change career form being a tattoo artist to becoming a full blown chef.

By the way, Mike loves to interact with you, our customers. So why not come and visit our bar and cafe, situated in the beautiful Hillarys marina.

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