Why You Should Hire a Removals Truck for Your Next Move

Remember when we were kids and moving seemed like such an adventure…

Moving houses brought along an exciting thrill of new exploration, fun and expedition. The only things that worried us to some extent were the settlement in a new neighborhood, making new friends and joining a new school. Everything seemed to be simple and exhilarating. Then we blinked our eyes and suddenly wham! We are grown-ups.

removalists truck

Bygone are the days when moving was one of most fun and electrifying part of our lives. Now, moving houses is nothing less than sheer headache! It brings along the stress of packing everything perfectly in proper boxes, choosing the right vehicle for moving and being one hundred and ten percent prompt during the moving so that the expensive pottery and the furniture doesn’t get harmed.

It is indeed a necessity to lessen the work load as much as you can during the moving process. Staying lightheaded doesn’t only provide you the comfort you need but it also improves the work quality and settlement in the new house. One of the ways by which you can immensely increase the work efficiency during the moving process is by hiring a removals truck. It doesn’t only lessen your physical and mental work load but also saves a lot of money and time during the relocation. Its easy nowadays to find a removalists to help you. For example in Perth, just search for removalists Perth and you shall find!

  • Work out a spacious deal

If you choose to move the things yourself on your personal car, it might take several trips back and forth to completely move all the luggage. However, the removal trucks are extremely spacious and most of the times, they are particularly designed for house luggage to fit in perfectly. Save yourself fuel, time and physical effort by simply hiring a removals truck for your next move.

  • Removal equipment

If you have ever moved houses in your life, you’ll understand the importance of removal equipment during the moving process. There is a great risk of damaging furniture or the kitchen pottery while removing or loading it on the truck. This is where removalist pads, trolleys, pulleys and ties come in handy. Buying all this removal equipment just for one move in a decade is certainly not the smartest thing to do. This is the reason you should go for the removal trucks because they always come along with the perfect removal equipment for your luggage.

Most of the removal truck services also offer a “no-damage” guarantee which means that if anything does get damaged, the removal company is responsible for fixing or replacing the damaged stuff.

  • Save your valuable time and nonreplicable money

With a big spacious truck, you will hardly need to take back and forth rounds to completely move all your luggage. This will save a lot of your time and will make moving literally a one day task. Apart from that, the cost needed for fuel and labor will be adequately saved.

Because of all these reasons, we sincerely suggest that you hire a removals truck for your next move.

Job Vacancy for 2x Waitress

Are you currently unemployed? Are you a student looking to earn extra cash? Or are you already working and finding your day job less exciting or simply not enough to pay the bills? Put on The Smiths right now, because if you’re looking for a job you’ve just found a job! And we guarantee you won’t be miserable now, because our trendy bar/cafe is looking for two waitresses to work full-time or part-time as a member of our crew.

We have a relatively small staff of five but our increasing popularity has brought the demand for seven, and that’s why we need two waitstaff to get stuff done. If you’ve had previous experience, that will of course be preferable and excellent. But our laid-back vibe is also a great place to get started and learn a thing or two about customer service. We are in a great location serving amazing desserts all day long. If you have a great work ethic, enjoy helping customers, have a sweet tooth, know how to think on your feet and love The Smiths (because it’s all we play down here, seriously) then don’t hesitate to send in a resume! Ability to handle cashiering and serve/make coffee is a major plus as you’ll be on call to take over from other staff members. We need one part-time and one full-time person. Experience not required, but you’ll have to be a fast learner.

Thank god for locksmiths

Coming to work today was a drama. Why? We freakin’ got locked out! How the hell did it happened? I don’t know who’s fault it is. Well, I think I know the last person at the cafe.. but I don’t think this is the place to name names if you know what I mean. Getting locked out when you first come in to work, with sooo many things to do can be a little daunting to say the least. But at the same time, it has taught me to be grateful of other professionals who are good at what they do. In this example, I know how to serve food to my customers, but I sure don’t know how to pick a lock! This is where locksmiths comes in the picture. Some might say they charge too much, but let me tell you.. if you were in my situation, you’d probably pay any amount in an emergency like this.

Here’s a quick chronology of what happened, well to the best of my memory! Which sometime can fail me.

1) Arrive work at 6am – discovered the front door is locked and I don’t have the keys.

2) Using my phone, I am desperately searching for a locksmith to call

3) After about 10mins or so, after calling a couple of locksmiths nearby. I decided to go with Power Locksmiths

4) Around 6.40am – locksmith arrives

5) 6.55am: Door is finally unlocked by the awesome locksmith!

6) 7am is work as usual.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad. Lost about an hour, but it could of been a lot worse in my opinion. If it wasn’t for the awesome skills of Clint (the locksmith), it could of been a lot later. The way he approached his work I had no doubt that it would only take him  couple of minutes. He sure is an expert at what he does.

The whole thing costed me about $140. But if you asked me.. calling out the locksmith was worth every cent! Moral of the story: appreciate what other professionals bring on the table. You may never know when you might need their help!

Our special of the month: fish and chips

This month we are welcoming the new year with our special fish and chips dish, cooked and served the way only we can do it! For over twenty-five years. our fish and chips have been a bestseller with its own unique recipe and additional dip, becoming a customer favourite and must-try for anyone visiting the area for the first time. This is the dish that started it all, when our bar/cafe was not yet the well-known establishment that it is now, but just a tiny eatery located on the corner street. We have since expanded into a popular restaurant serving breakfast, sandwiches, and of course coffee! And while many customers have enjoyed our other dishes, one thing that draws newcomers and brings customers back is, of course, the fish and chips.

There are a lot of places serving fish and chips all over the state, but nobody does it quite like we do! Our dip and batter are unique in taste and texture.We’ve perfected the flavour and ratio of fish-to-chips to almost an art. Ive stand out, and food critics and customers all over can attest to that! So this month, we’re honouring the past twenty-five years by taking 20% off on our most popular meal! If you haven’t tried it, now is your chance; and if you’ve had it and liked it, now is the best time for another round! We’re serving it all day from the month of January with a drink of your choice and the option of a group meal (15% off) so you can share the goodness with your friends and family.

Hiring the removalists to help ship our big oven

As much as we are excited to move to our new bar and cafe in the suburb, we are also a bit sad to leave our old cafe in the city which has been our home for almost nine wonderful years. Coffee shops have gained ground so fast around our area that it slowly affected our business.

A couple of cafes down the road have sprung last year and another one in the next block will open this week. While we have customers who remained loyal to us, we couldn’t deny the fact that we were also losing more customers. So we decided to pack our bags and move closer to nature, where life is more simple and the cost of living is just right.

Last Friday, we had a tearful yet sweet goodbye to our customers and our coffee shop. “The Meerkats” played some songs and my husband and I got to sing Green Day’s “Good Riddance” to the delight of many. There were warm speeches made by some of our frequent customers and our staff. Many handed us goodbye gifts, most of which will be our memorabilia, and which we can use for display in our new bar and cafe. As a thank you to our loyal card holders, we gave away free coffee mugs which has our logo on one side and the words: C’est La Vie on the other. Our daughters did a fantastic job in designing the mugs and in organizing a short but sweet program for our last night at our cafe.

How big is this oven? Check it out below… (told ya!)

Today, we are hiring removalists to help ship our big oven to our new place. I always thought hiring removalists was easy-peasy but boy, was I so wrong. There were many things to consider like: checking for proper accreditation, how much does it cost per hour, what are factored in the hourly cost, how long will the move take, and what insurance policies do they have in case of loss or damage.

Basically we simply chose a removalists by googling removalists perth.

Here’s the lowdown on how I chose the removalists for the job… to be honest, I’m pretty much straightforward a when it comes to services. I’m in the service business and I do business honestly and responsibly so I expect others to do the same. I don’t have the patience to go through the nitty-gritty of checking out the policy, its terms and conditions, and checking for hidden costs. I don’t have the patience to go through customer review websites just to compare which is a reputable removalist company. So I just called friends and my mother-in-law who recently moved  homes to recommend a good , reputable and affordable removalist. After so many phone calls,  calculating and comparing services and costs to move our furniture, (most especially our big oven), we are currently deciding between two good companies who have met our standards.

The people we have spoken to from both companies have told us that they loved our cafe and were sad when they learned that we were moving, some even said we’re better than Dome! Both have mentioned their favorite coffee drink, and one even mentioned that he used to have a huge crush on one of our baristas, Jacqui. I jokingly told him that Jacqui is single and is currently looking for a job to which he laughed and thanked me for the tip.

Tattoo Bali expert turned chef

One main thing that makes our customer keep coming back to us is our food and service. What’s our secret? It’s a no brainer… we employ one of the best chefs around. Today we wanted to introduce you to our head chef Mike Goolahan. We know he can cook, hence why we employed him. But today we wanted to share something that many wouldn’t know about. What is it? Well… many people wouldn’t know that Mike used to work for a well known tattoo studio in Bali. The tattoo Bali studio is very popular amongst the local but also for foreigners, in particular Australians on holidays there.

So what made Mike changed career from being a tattoo artist to a well established chef here at Waterside Bar and Cafe? To make sense of his decision, we decided to interview him and these are his answers to our questions:

Q: How many years did you do tattoo for?

A: 12 years

Q: How many years did you work in Bali for?

A: Believe it or not, the tattoo studio that I worked for before becoming a chef; was the only tattoo studio I have ever worked for. Therefore the answer to this question is 12 years!

Q: Why did you decide to change career?

A: When I was a tattoo artist in Bali, I mainly did it because I wanted to work in Bali. A friend worked there and I decided to give it a shot. I’ve always been good at art. So learning to being a tattoo artist was a natural move. After being taught for about a year, I was introduced to the manager there and before you know it, I was working full time. I fell in love with the place. My decision to change career, again, was because of wanting to work in a particular place. This time it was Perth, Western Australia. So here I am working for Waterside Bar and Cafe!

Q: How did you learn cooking?

A: At home, I’ve always cooked. It was sort of a hobby for me. When friends visited, I loved to show off my culinary skills. And the compliments I get for my cooking, further encouraged me to take this up seriously. And again, here I am working for Waterside Bar and Cafe.

So after interviewing our now head chef Mike Goolahan, we understood his decision to change career form being a tattoo artist to becoming a full blown chef.

By the way, Mike loves to interact with you, our customers. So why not come and visit our bar and cafe, situated in the beautiful Hillarys marina.

We’re live and kicking!

Although we’ve been in business for just over a year. This site is our very first one. It looks pretty simple, but we love it. Finally being online and visible to online users will hopefully get our message across to all Perth residents. The message is simple: if you haven’t been to Waterside Bar and Cafe, then you haven’t tasted seafood! Big claim I know, but we’re serious about it. Come and visit us and you’d agree!

Here’s a teaser, check out this lobster we just cooked… fresh out of the kitchen :)

cooked lobster